1. Towards the Wharf: Mesmerizing trip to the Himalayas

January 1, 2020

         The plans for the trip started in 2012, and the actual layout was to outset from Cochin and move all the way to the north, drifting through almost all the states of India, even-though our main interest was to cover Himachal, Punjab, Hariyana, Jammu & Kashmir including Leh-Ladakh. Inorder to move through the stretch as proposed, 20-25 days was the time-span. But as IT professionals the longevity was next to impossible that too for 5 guys working in the same team.

        The intent was almost dropped for a while, but in 2013 July one of us steered it again and we were determined to carryout this time. Also our manager(one among us - The Barnstormers) was able to convince the stake holders that August was a non-peak period during the year and the team will be able to operate with a fewer resources.

        The plan wouldn’t have been complete without the intervention of HVKumar aka High Vay King who is a Thane-based Chartered Accountant and also a motoring enthusiast basically from Kerala, the God’s own country.

        As working for a company based in Thiruvananthapuram, the plan was to take a flight to Delhi on 16th Aug 2013, reach there to get a pre-booked Toyota Innova having self-driving registration (i.e. Black number plate with yellow letters, not much common in Kerala).

       We have landed Delhi at about 22:00pm that day and the actual trip began as proposed with the Blueprint provided by HVK starting from NewDelhi at about 1:00am behind the steering wheel.



Kanyakumari se Turtuk Tak - Part 1




The Barnstormers

Shaheen (SHAAN)
Ajesh (AJ)





The Route










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