Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and Megalithic monuments: Marayoor

February 16, 2018



One of the fascinating structures and shouldn't miss while being here would be the megalithic monuments, the dolmen in Marayoor - Kanthalloor route more fascinating for anthropologists and archaeologists.




Most of them were used as burial chambers, one of the local men bought-up in Marayoor  from childhood also claims that some of the big ones were also used for dwelling to resist strong winds and to get protected from wild fauna and climatic variations.





Even-though most of them got damaged, the local authority have taken measures to protect the remaining monuments and is now charging a small fees for entrance.



Marayoor Sarkkara(jaggery)


They are made from the locally available sugarcane without any preservatives/salt and is the main cottage industry in this area.



Marayoor, the largest producers of sugarcane in Kerala.




Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary


From Marayoor, driving towards Udumalpet route for about 10 to 12 km is the next major destination Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.


On the way there are a couple of waterfalls to check in. The first one we would come across will be the Karimutty Waterfalls, in sight from the road towards Chinnar.



The next major magnificent waterfall is the Thoovanam Waterfalls. Even-though located on the way but remotely from the main-road, in-order to reach the place strictly requires to accompany an experienced forest guide from the Chinnar Forest office at Alampetty.






Scenic River at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary



The major perennial water resources in the sanctuary are the Chinnar and Pambar rivers.  Best experienced after the monsoons, the Thoovanam Waterfalls is situated inside the sanctuary. As the falls have a good height and is wide, looks magnificent and is a must visit place for nature lovers even-though a little bit of trek is required.


Also there is a provision for jungle camp overnight in at Karakkad tree top house near this falls for about ₹3,000.  The trek is about 90 Min long from Alampetty forest station to reach waterfalls.



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