Kaalimala Trek

January 28, 2018

Kaalimala is located at about 40 km from Thiruvananthapuram city in Pathukani near Amboori village. Kaalimala and Kurishumala shares the same mountain while former is positioned more towards the eastern part of it.


Possible routes:


1. Trivandrum-Neyyatinkara-Karakonam-Vellarada-Kudappanamoodu-Pathukani-Kaalimala.
2. Peyad-Kattakada-Kudappanamoodu-Pathukani-Kaalimala.
3. Nedumangad-Aryanad-Kuttichal-Kudappanamoodu-Pathukani-Kaalimala.


Both places are of religious importance, where Christian devotees even from Tamilnadu and Karnataka make a visit to the place during March before Easter amid the lent time while the Hindu devotees visits during September to October for offering prayers and “ponkaala” at the time of Durgashtami.



The place is suitable for people looking for moderate one day trek which  does not require any permissions/passes but is recommended to visit during off seasons to enjoy the mist and fog.




The trek span is about 2 hours to reach the top from the base station at a height of about 3000ft above sea level.




From the top we could get a beautiful view of the Chittar Lake which can be reached by less than 10 km travel through road.



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