11. Behind the scenes: Mesmerizing trip to the Himalayas

Next day our main motive was to reach back Delhi, as proposed took the way through Chandigarh. We had to clear a few dents and painting works for the vehicle which was done at Chandigarh. By noon we were able to complete the work and start towards Delhi.

On the way we had logged in to a Punjabi Dhabha and a Mc D to feed our hunger and to get some rest.

By night about 10pm we were able to hand over the vehicle back to auto-riders team.

The very next day we had a visit to a couple of nearby places.

Kanyakumari se Turtuk Tak - Behind the scenes

This trip would not have been complete without my friends and also Photo/Video Courtesy & Credits to the Barnstormers:

Ajesh(Aj) | Izmail(Izmu) | Faheem | Shaheen(Shaan) | Libin (LibinsworlD)

Together we were able to handle many not-so-easy situations.Gifted us with many funny memorable moments, such a cool guys they are.

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