9. Tso Moriri - through the no-man's land: Mesmerizing trip to the Himalayas

From Leh we have managed to carry two cans of capacity 20 liters each as we had to take the no-mans land covering about 1000kms with no diesel pumps.

Filled in about 60litres of diesel in Innova and carried 40 liters with the help of a local guy through a military personal.

Wild Horse

Wild Poodle

Tso Moriri lake

We were running with almost all tyres including the stepney on patch. After a couple more of punctures by night we were almost running with tyres loosing its pressures on the way. And so planned Faheem to use the drivers seat since he was the most lean guy among us and the pressure loosing was most for the front tyre.

A local guy showed us the way to a puncture shop but the tube was almost gone and the shop keeper told he could get a new tyre tube only by next morning.

Found a tent stay nearby called "Zing Zing Bar" where they offered night stay for ₹100/person. Had some bread and omelet from the Dhaba and went down for sleep in the chilling cold.

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