8. Pangong Tso Lake - The scuffle border: Mesmerizing trip to the Himalayas

After visiting the Turtuk's Village we planned to move towards Pangong Tso lake preparing to cover about 320 km, an over night journey.

Getting there via Changla Pass

During this stretch we need to transit Chang La mountain Pass located at an altitude of 17688 ft where the oxygen level is very low.


Do not exert

Try not to spend more than 20 minutes here

Refrain from smoking

Incase of breathlessness and / or chest-pain seek medical attention immediately

Protect your eyes from sunlight by wearing googles

We managed to carry a few SOS pills & tablets to maintain the Oxygen level in our blood, which should be taken on a daily basis starting a day before.

The decrease in oxygen-level also affected the pulling power of our vehicle.

By next morning we landed at the Pangong Tso Lake. During this period the lake we was in semi solid state and the morning rays made it more fascinating.

Pangong Tso Lake - The Indo-China Border

By 10am done a quick refresh from one of the tent-shops had a quick grab, and was ready for the outset.

On the way our vehicle got stuck at a river crossing and with time and while getting more sunny the water level kept increasing melting out from the mountains.

We were unable to handle the situation, while a five member team who were passing by on a "Renault Duster" gave us a helping hand. We tried many ways to get rid of the situation, tried use a towing cable and the cable itself got broken. And almost all our efforts were in-vain, while one of them gave an idea of filling the front and back of the back tyres with "Padhar" or rocks and another among them got into the drivers seat and the car started moving.

"Although it took almost 4-5 hours before we could continue the journey, we were really happy to meet such kind people who had worked and helped us spending almost 4 hours of their time and their effort which was priceless."

We had a chat with them after that and came to know that they were basically from Kargil and one among them was working for Kargil police force.

Kudos to Showkat Ali Kacho & Team

Evening that day, we had to stay at a village on the way, due to security reasons the road was closed and might need to choose no-mans land at the border to reach Tso Moriri.

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