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ഹബീബ് ഇക്കയുടെ തട്ടുകട (Habeeb Ikka's eatery)

December 29, 2017

Near Juma Masjid,



If you are a frequent visitor of Thattukadas then I would recommend one of the oldest and most popular eatery at Kesavadasapuram run and owned by Habeeb Ikka.


The shop opens by late evening, there are no sign-boards as such but could locate the shop by the crowd gathered around the place. It's one of the best Nadan Food spots where people mostly opt for a take-away.


They provide varieties of Chicken fry, Beef roast, Chilly chicken, Beef fry, Porotta, Appam, Idiappam, Puttu, Kappa etc...


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