4. Gulmarg - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Moments: Mesmerizing trip to the Himalayas

On the 4th day of our trip once again managed to wake up a bit early to take a shower and cover the surroundings including the reception area of the house-boat.

On this day we were delighted to visit the Gulmarg Gondola, the cable cab at Gulmarg. But weren't able to cover the path-way scenic beauty properly as all of us were astonished and stunned.

Reaching Gulmarg Gondola Phase 1:

Kanyakumari se Turtuk Tak - Part 2

Gulmarg Gondola Phase 2:

We planned to move forward to the next phase of the rope-way, which has 36 cabins and 18 towers, takes skiers to a height altitude of 3,747 m (12,293 ft).

"The feeling ever had in my entire life - This place is so beautiful. Really it was like heaven."

Kanyakumari se Turtuk Tak - Part 3

Our primary objective to visit the phase 2 was to get a glimpse of snow and experience skiing. In this case we just have to stay behind the skiing board holding the real skier and balancing ourselves.

Barnstormers version:

"During the drive we happened to pass the Kashmir Pakistan border, had stopped to take rest and was instructed not to go beyond LOC. A short while later, Libin went missing and was found nowhere near the rest of the group. The search party’s frantic search ended when they found him unconscious and dropped by an Army man. Libin had thought that he was caught by a Pakistani soldier. Friends swore that they heard him screaming “Bharat Mata ki Jai” before he passed out."

My version ?

While enjoying the ski ride suddenly climate changed that I could see nothing around and the skier himself has left the scene,myself just trying to reach the Gondola cabin at phase 2 was running in wrong direction towards the border, happened to see an armed soldier asking "Kaham jaa raha hai" wrongly interpreting as a Pakistani soldier and also due to extreme snow, rains and breathlessness felt like I was unable to move any further.

In slightly vague and unclear voice managed to tell him "Gondola cabin", remember him taking me to the cabin wrapping me around pulling myself around my shoulders who was just half my size, in-between asking me to stamp on "Padhar" (rock) even-though was not having the stamina to do so.

Anyway 'we' have managed to reach the Gondola cabin and could hear the soldier shouting "koi hai iske sath" while myself pointing Izmu in the crowd, who was actually trying to hide. At the end "the team" recognized myself as one of the members and among the crowd a China man gave me a bottle of "Aquafina".

With my energy remaining gave a big salute to the soldier, without whom I would just have become another memory.

"A real big thanks and saluting all the soldiers who are guarding our borders even during extreme climatic conditions"

Late evening that day we had our dinner from Ahdoos Hotel, Srinagar famous for the Kashmiri Wazwan dishes.

Wazwan dishes tried at Ahdoos.

  • Seekh kabab’s

  • Marchhwangan korma

  • Rista

  • Roganjosh

  • Daniwal Korma

  • Ghustaba

  • Yakhni

After the heavy ingest we have driven back to the houseboat for our night stay.

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