The Sandalwood hub of Kerala: Marayoor

Marayoor, located at about 42 kilometers north of Munnar on Udumalpet - Kodai route, Tamil Nadu. It is the only place in Kerala that has naturally grown sandalwood forests.

The place is a bit remotely located and the only cellular connectivity reachable is BSNL.

The first time I have ever heard about this place was from my father in 1999. My father was working with BSNL(Network Planning) and the team lead by him is behind the cellular-connectivity/mobile tower at that place. Even-though he promised to take me to Marayoor during the tenure, it didn't happen and the first time I ever visited the place was in 2011.

The place is famous for its sandalwood forests, Sugarcane cultivation, Marayoor sarkara, Megalithic monuments like Muniyaras most of them were used as burial chambers.

The temperatures varying 21 °C to 27 °C with minimum seasonal variation except in winter.

There are only a couple of Motels at Marayoor town, run by Chandana Group.

Chandana Annexe(Budget hotel): Tariff: ranging from ₹ 950 to ₹ 1,200

Chandana Residency: Tariff: ranging from ₹ 1,750 to ₹ 3,500

Chandana Royal Resorts: Tariff: ranging from ₹ 3,000 to ₹ 5,000

Tel:- 04865 252222, 252322 , 252221

*** Luxury taxes are applicable to all the above rates and may also have seasonal variations.

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