Ten Commandments to have a Healthy Heart

November 17, 2017

Kims & Big FM 92.7 organized health awareness on World Heart Day

















           With Kidilam Firoz(RJ)                                                                            Dubbing artist Bhagyalekshmi
















1. Reduce overweight and overeating
2. Avoid smoking
3. Avoid alcohol
4. Children and adults should exercise atleast one hour daily
5. After the age of 30, a complete checkup once in every 3 years
6. Individuals with family history of BP, Heart attack, Stroke, should get a complete check-up atleast once before the age of 20
7. Avoid fatty foods
8. Reduced intake of salt would help reduce Blood Pressure by 20%
9. Vacations, weekends should be fun filled with family members
10 Mothers should have a nutritious healthy diet during pregnancy which is essential for proper development of internal organs of the children

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