Are you gravitationally Challenged ? - Shape and trim to an Hourglass or 'V'

Why are some people's physique trim, dazzling and shaped like athletes while others do not claim to have an aesthetic body? There are two main reasons: 1. The demands made by circumstances 2. and the pull of living habits. A stonemason doesn't need to go to the gym to build up his arms. In the course of his work of mixing mortar and hauling bricks, his arms are naturally strengthened. If your circumstances don't challenge your muscles, you don't get the stimulation you need to keep fit. However, if you are often put in situations where you need to be physically and mentally energetic, your muscles become stronger and more responsive. Perhaps this idea is summarized best in the old saying: Use It Or Lose It A perfect body is basically a combination of Diet contributing about 70% or more Vs Exercise contributing about 30% to the output. But above all the most overwhelming factor which contributes to a persons structure and figure is actually a person's actual genetic makeover or the DNA. The factors that basically affect the weight loss and muscular body are as follows: 1. Food intake: The response to carbs, fats and protein intake varies from person to person and so need to first figure-out the decreased consumption of which factor has an enhanced response to weight loss. 2. Exercise: All bodies may not have the same response to exercise, and there are certain hereditary factors which might depend on this. Some are easily susceptible to exercises, while others might need to have a set of 2-3 smaller sessions inorder to get a response. 3. Fat storage & absorption: The fat absorption and storage factor depends upon genitic factors and this needs to be kept in mind while we go for a diet plan. 4. Adiponectin levels: It is the protein which humans are encoded by ADIPOQ gene, which actually regulates glucose levels as well as fatty acid breakdown. This is also associated with the insulin sensitivity of an individual and type 2 diabetes.However your weight and fitness status may still lead to low adiponectin levels.

A write-up by Libin, for f-IT-ness team

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